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Employees of the Institute of Mathematics are advised but not obliged to use the below listed special offers listed below.


On-line booking system Letuška

Salesperson for the institute

Booking air tickets

Based on a contract on provision and sale of air tickets and other services, employees of the institute can use services of the company ASIANA, s.r.o. running the portal Letuška. The condition is that the request is submitted by a person listed on the institute's website in any of the following ways:

  • through the on-line booking system Letuška
  • by e-mail sent from an address of the form,, listed among employees on the website of the institute
  • personally or by phone call to any branch of ASIANA
  • by mail

The salesperson contaceted by telephone or by e-mail will offer different possibilities according to price, route and time. The services and benefits are available also for family members and guests of the institute. However, an order concerning persons who are not listed among employees on the website of the institute must be confirmed by the head of the administration department or by the deputy director.

Billing data (fakturační údaje)

Matematický ústav AV ČR, v. v. i., Žitná 25, 115 67 Praha 1

Confirmation of the order

After submission of the order you will receive an automatic reply about the booking which has to confirmed by e-mail. Then you will receive an invoice to be printed, provided with information from which resources it should be payed, signed by the responsible person (principal investigator of the grant, deputy director in case of institutional funds) and passed to the accounts department.

The contracted benefits include also reduced handling charges.


On-line booking system OK-TOURS


  • Provision of air tickets on regular lines of all (including low cost) carriers
  • Complex solution of business trips (air tickets, accommodation, car rental, travel insurance, visa)


It can be done through

  • the staff of OK-TOURS with the handling charge 300 CZK per person
  • the on-line booking system.


  • Low handling charges
  • Transparency – no hidden charges
  • Proposition of optimal connection to preferred destinations
  • Response in 30 minutes
  • Free Helpdesk during weekends