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Guest rooms in the institute

Vacancies in guest rooms

Request for a guest room: MS Word, PDF

Prices for the guest rooms in the institute as of 9 February 2015

  • 1st floor
    • 1/1:    400 CZK/night
    • 1/2:    600 CZK/night
  • 2nd floor
    •   2:  1 000 CZK/night
  • 4th floor**5/1:    800 CZK/night
    • 5/2:    800 CZK/night
    • 5/3:    600 CZK/night
    • 6/1:    800 CZK/night
    • 6/2:    800 CZK/night or 1 000 CZK/night for 1 resp. or 2 rooms, respectively
  • 6th floor
    •   9:     800 CZK/night
    • 10:     800 CZK/night
  • extra bed: 200 CZK/night
  • extraordinary general cleaning: 300 CZK

50% discount is applied if the costs are covered by a research grant or project.

The rooms are primarily designated for guests of the institute, namely for visiting researchers and their accompanying persons.

A general cleaning of the room is normally arranged before the guest's arrival on working days. If the room has to be cleaned beyond the working hours, the host of the arriving guest must ask the director's office in advance to secure an extraordinary cleaning.

Request for a guest room must be submitted to director's office for approval by the director or his deputy.

The host must immediately inform director's office about any changes of the guest's arrival and departure.

Operation of the guest rooms follows Regulation no. 1/2015 – Guest rooms.

Accommodation facilities of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Vila Lanna

Pension Marna

Pension Sedlec

Hotel Mazanka

Castle and conference centre Liblice

Conference centre Třešť

Hotels in the neighbourhood of the institute

There is a collaboration agreement with Hotel Andante and Residence v Tůních 14 for the case when the capacity of guest rooms in the institute is exhausted. Please contact Mrs. Bílková in the director's office to arrange for a discount.